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The good news for sociology majors is that your studies are uniquely suited to help you develop the skills you need for a successful 21st-century career. Sociologists study social life, social change, diverse communities and their interactions, and they use scientific methods to find empirical answers to complex social questions. Sociology is a useful preparation for students looking forward to careers in social services, education, law, business, social work, criminology, urban planning, child development, and the health-related professions. An undergraduate degree in sociology can also provide an excellent steppingstone to graduate school. Sociology Major What Kinds of Students Major in Sociology? This major is of interest to the individual who is observant of other people's actions when they interact with each other and who is looking for patterns and consistencies in their interaction. This is the primary field of choice.

Sociology major

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All Sociology majors must complete ten (10) Sociology courses. None of the ten courses may be taken pass-fail, and courses with grades below C- will not be counted. At least six (6) of the courses must be listed or cross-listed by the Tufts University Department of Sociology. The major requires successful completion of ten courses, distributed as specified below. Students may substitute two courses from another four-year institution or an approved study abroad program toward the major requirement – except to fulfill SOC 3030: Introduction to Research Methods and SOC 3001: Social Theory.

The minor exposes students to core concepts in Sociology but also allows enormous flexibility in choosing additional Sociology coursework so that the student may design the minor around their own interests.

Diminishing Power of One? Welfare State Retrenchment and

Your Future with Our Sociology Degree. As a graduate of Missouri Southern's sociology program, you will harness your passion  Click here to view the Sociology Major Plan of Study Worksheet Below is an outline of the Sociology major requirements effective the 2018-2019 catalog year   Students of sociology will find that related work in psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, and history enhances their sociological insights. Majors  Courses in the sociology major examine a wide array of social processes, such as social stratification, social movements, and social change. Through the  The Sociology major is non-capacity constrained major; if you meet our admissions requirements, you will be accepted.

Sociology major

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Sociology major

The Liberal Arts track is a traditional sociology program designed to permit students to dual major. The Human Services track prepares students for graduate work or careers in social work.

Sociology major

This course is an introduction to the study of hum Program Overview. The Sociology major is designed for students who seek to develop a rigorous understanding of research methods, sociological theories, and  All courses for the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Sociology BA Requirements.
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Sociology major

Project Manager. So what is a sociology major?

An advanced degree specializing in the sociology of work, occupations, labor, and organizations can lead to teaching, research, and applied roles.
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Courses that satisfy major requirements must be completed with a letter grade At my old school you could only major in one thing, but I love sociology, so I was very excited to be able to major in both music performance and sociology here. Cassandra Williams >> Students. Eileen Liang. I want to be an entertainment lawyer, doing copyright and writing contracts for artists and athletes. 2021-02-01 *The Sociology department will accept up to 2 non-methods study abroad courses (that are given SOCI equivalency through XCAT) toward the major.