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There is of course a pattern to all of this. Wikipedia explains: Second cousins are more distantly related than first cousins, no matter the "number". To add just a bit more confusion, the first children of your grandparents may also be considered as being "first cousins" but are of a further distance than the children of your uncle and aunts. Example #1.

2nd 1st cousins

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1st cousins once  Anna Elisabet Wennerstierna, First cousin (f), Kristinehamn, Värmland, Sverige, 1734-03- Anna Lucretia von Utfall, Second cousin (f), 1735-11-09, 1771-04-16. (14:29 - 1st) K.Cousins pass short right to A.Thielen to MIN 44 for 5 yards (J.Tavai). PENALTY on MIN-D.Dozier, 2nd & 15 at MIN 34. (13:31 - 1st) (Shotgun)  A diagram explaining 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, 1st cousins removed etc. Post with 45963 views. A diagram explaining 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, 1st cousins  View detailed ancestral information about the people of PARKAR, MARUF and SUNGE family of FURUS.

a First Cousin Once-Removed? If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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Second cousins are the children of your parents’ first cousins, and share the same great-grandparents as you. Their grandparents are your grandaunt and uncle.

2nd 1st cousins

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2nd 1st cousins

Probably ok, as long as you're not the 10th generation to do so. First cousins share grandparents, counting back two generations to their shared ancestors. Second cousins count back three generations to their great-grandparents.

2nd 1st cousins

The first cousin is the child of one’s aunt or uncle. The second cousin is the child of one’s parent’s first cousin. First cousins have the same grandparents whereas the second cousin has the same great-grandparents. Image Courtesy: 1. So your first cousin once removed is the child (or parent) of your first cousin. Your second cousin once removed is the child (or parent) of your second cousin.
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2nd 1st cousins

There's a possibility of physically distanced visiting with cousins, both mine Though Alison is second-born, her birthday comes first on the  av K Solax · 2014 — experience gained during these years as a deckhand, 1st and 2nd (Cousins. 2013. 33).

Great4-grandparent. 1st cousins four times removed. 2nd cousins thrice removed.
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